Pattern Corrections & Clarifications


We do our very best to edit and test our patterns before publishing, however  sometimes we’ve missed an error or have realized that adding more clarification would be helpful.  We highly value your feedback, please let us know if you find an error so that we can correct it.  We only recently were told of an error for a pattern that has sold hundreds if not thousands for 6 years, but no one said anything!  Thank you for your patience, understanding and help to make these the best they can be!

Tango Wave Table Runner

Inside cover on right page, just below the diagram.

Correct wording:

Layer batting, backing (right side up) and top (right side down).

Panel Plaid Free Quilt

Corrections were made on the Back Cover & Page 1 in reference to the fabric for the binding.

Originally it was going to be cut from the panel but then it was bound with Basket weave Teal/Lime from the Brush Dance Fabric Collection.


Contact me if you bought the Square Dance Quilt at the AQS Show in Syracuse 2015.

Cut It Out

Appliqué Series

I will be adding to the patterns that the paper stencil templates can be traced instead of cut out if only being used for one project.  The 1st release focused on the stencil concept.